Misery Index – Pulling Out The Nails

This compilation album by DM/Grindcore U.S. band Misery Index is an absolute cracker! The band have been going strong since 2001 and this 30 track beauty covers all their non-album material from 2001-2008, it is some live tracks, some cover tracks and tracks that appeared on e.p.s and splits/ If Grind/DM is your particular bag you will not be disappointed with this release, it was reamastered by Scott Hull and a damn fine job he has done.

Most fans of grindcore will be well aware of this band but this release pulls in some of the more obscure material so it’s well worth getting your mitts on!! It starts of with “Manufacturing Greed” which is a great track and does not relent in the ear splitting stakes! Great guitar work throughout this whole album with some monster riffing and some of the best manic drumming around! The next track up is “Your Pain is Nothing” and is another slab of great grind core, the pace does not stop and it just increase if anything!, I love this album! The vocals can be heard clearly on this so you can listen to the lyrics which is not always the case with grind and death metal. Title track “Pulling out the Nails” is in my humble opinions one of the best on this release, a great riff with total manic drumming make it a belter!

The cover versions on here are all very decent with Terrorizers “Dead Shall Rise” my favourite, great guitar on this with really meaty, thrashy sound to it. It cracks on at a fair old lick with over an hours worth of material on here so you are getting your moneys worth and no mistake! I recommend all grind, crust and death metal fans to go out and buy this release as you will not be disappointed.

  1. Manufacturing Greed
  2. Your Pain Is Nothing
  3. Blood On Their Hands
  4. Pulling Out The Nails
  5. Dead Shall Rise
  6. My Untold Apocalypse
  7. Alive?
  8. Reality Distortion
  9. Sheep And Wolves
  10. Exception To The Ruled
  11. The Imperial Ambition
  12. Multiply By Fire
  13. Conquistadores
  14. Defector
  15. Scene And Not Heard
  16. Walls Of Confinement
  17. Hang 'em High
  18. Discordia (Acoustic Version)
  19. Love It Or Leave It
  20. 49 Seconds Of Hate
  21. Ruling Class Cancelled