Mom's Favorite Dudes - Beschissen Ist Geprahlt

Arsch! The cover is not I want to see. Where are the female groupies? Well, it is the music that cunts. After see the cover you can see that FUN is written in capitals. And that is what it is. I want to see the band on stage! They call themsleves King of the Pogo. They don’t play punk (tooloud), metal (to soft). So difficult to put a label on it. The songs are up tempo and rocking straight forward. Fav track is “Little man” with the Elvis quote and guitarbreak. The hidden track is a puzzle, who can translate it will surely win a naked gig at their house.

1. The Very Only Love Song
2. Boiled Eggs
3. Titten
4. Rise And Fall
5. Little Man
6. Delfine
7. Kings Of The Pogo
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 4, 2001
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