Monument Of Misanthropy - Unterweger

Second official album for Monument Of Misanthropy, a band that includes George Wilfinger on vocals (Disfigured Divinity) and C├ędric Malebolgia (ex Swart Crown / Putridity) on drums.

"Unterweger" is a brutal death metal album like it hasn't been heard in a long time. In the 11 tracks that make up this work (the twelfth is a cover of the great Morbid Angel where the band engages with 'Fall From Grace') the band travels direct and compact towards the total annihilation of the listener.

Massive riffs and an impressive rhythm section build a wall of sound from which it is impossible to make room. George's voice is the perfect glue to all this work, ranging from the deepest and most intense growl to the scream. Here we have everything in its place, reaching and perhaps overcoming some limits that brutal death sometimes imposes.

As you can see from the titles of the songs, this is a concept album based on the sad deeds of serial killer Johann "Jack" Unterweger, a character infamous for killing at least 10 women in the period from 74 to 94 (number of confirmed victims). Great guests can be found on this second work of the band. In the openening track we find Julien of Benighted while in the song 'Miami Vice - Miami Gold' we have as guest (always on vocals) the great Sven of Aborted.

"Unterweger" presents a varied and engaging songwriting giving vitality and freshness to all the work. 39 minutes of pure "controlled" violence that will make you headbang wildly. For all fans of Suffocation, Deeds Of Flesh, Gorgasm, Aborted and co. Support and listen to this great band! TOP

5 / 5 STARS

1. The Mysterious Hollywood Hat-Trick
2. The Strangulation Of Silvia Zagler
3. Tales From The Vienna Woods
4. Exceptionally Sadistic
5. A Man With A Special Qualification
6. Demon Of Graz
7. The Strangulation Of Blanka Bockova
8. Midnight
9. Miami Vice - Miami Gold
10. The Legacy Of A Malignant Monster
11. A Cleansing Storm
12. Fall From Grace