Morbid Carnage - Night Assassins

With the current thrash revival in full swing, many bands are coming out hoping to add their own twist to this classic sound. However, Morbid Carnage brings it back to the classic thrash style with an aggressive attitude that's hard to miss. These Hungarian thrashers have put together an impressive debut album entitled "Night Assassins". This album goes back to the roots of 80's thrash and the influences of Sepultura and Metallica can be heard loud and clear.  However, this isn't just another old school style thrash album. Morbid Carnage has added a bit of evil...a heavier more vile twist on an already extreme genre of music. "Night Assassins" attacks you with an onslaught of furious guitar riffs, brutal thrashing drums, and evil screaming vocals. And it's the screeching vocals of the singer drummer which are the standout on this it that evil vile overtone. While the cover art could be better, overall, this is an aggressive and in your face release...and one very impressive debut album.

Blasphemy - Vocals / Drums
Churchburner - Guitar
Diguster - Guitar
Necrofaust - Bass

1. Warlust
2. Slaughtering
3. Funeral Pyre
4. Empty Graves
5. Deviant
6. Castle In Pain
7. Night Assassin

Pulverised Records
Reviewer: SweetSinz
May 26, 2010
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