Morbid Execution - Vulgar Darkness

From their "Necrotorment" demo of 2003 up till now these Polish black thrashers have only had split CDs and EPs to present. "Vulgar Darkness" is Morbid Execution's first full length and it definitely follows the unholy misanthropic black and thrash path they have been carving so many years. Hidden well in the underground those dudes are hard to trace. Morbid Execution is a project band from members of the Polish death/black metal band Throneum! Their 2012 full length is an old school black metal release that tends to flirt a lot with thrash metal. 7 Songs with an average of 4 minutes duration each.

Dark as it gets, this release shows signs of misanthropy even from it's cover... a pentagram and naked women sodomized on a black and white raw sketch aspect. No colors and no sweet curves. The songs follow the same misanthropic and dark path. Mostly mid tempo but actually with no special memorable riff creating a feeling of a neverending loop as the CD proceeds!! I believe this type of music  is a 'love-hate' thing!Either you'll love it or you'll hate it and although I am on the 'love it' section I tend to feel... bored! It's not that there's anything bad or not honest with those guys here. They definitely enjoy what they do and obviously they want to create a feeling of isolation, disgust and hate with their rough production (wich is actually really good), their long monotonous riffs and their cold CD layout! At some point I believe they get to were they want. It's just that there are many more bands out there who seem to do it better!! But on the other hand.... I don't think they care!


  1. Twisted Maniacs
  2. Wizards Of Silesia
  3. Rusted And Demonized
  4. Dreadful Romance
  5. Hell's Driven Anger
  6. Remain Breathless
  7. Vulgar Darkness

Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 17, 2012

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