Morbid Tendency - Bleeding Demos

Hailing from Israel, Morbid Tendency is a one man project using a drum machine. Now these days, these type of things are usually slam death metal projects which we are in no shortage of its gotta be said but Morbid Tendency are more focused on old school death metal which is cool. Now before everyone gets cynical, yes its a drum machine, yes its digital and yes it does get alittle annoying. Im used to it for i own one myself but get by all this and we some cool sounding tunes. Think some old sounding Cannibal Corpse with hints of old school Death and Massacre. The opening track "The old Adam" and "Eternal Suffering" sound absolutely class and kick my ass. The production/ mix is alittle ropey as i can hear my speakers woofing alittle bit but this is forgivable as its DIY as fuck but it works. I can hear all instrumentation clear as glass. I kinda like that this is based on the old school death metal and not slam cause lets face it were all alitlle bit tired of the one man drum machine slam thing arent we!? "Feast For The Maggots" is my favourite track on this collection of demos. Its a real bulldozer of a track. My one gripe with this though is that the songs are abit long and tend to go on abit and for me the songs seem to lose abit of the point but its a minor gripe really. Fans of the old school tones give this a listen. Its by no means essential listen but certainly a lesson to some from what one man and a drum machine can do and being a fan of old school death metal. Cool stuff.


1. The Old Adam
2. Dying Nation
3. Eternal Suffering
4. Mental Obliteration
5. Infinite Suffocation
6. Feast For Maggots
7. Excrucation
8. Desolation Of Mankind
Reviewer: Connor
Sep 8, 2012

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