Morbidity - Revealed From Ashes

Recently in metal music, interest to the past revived again, if I may say so. There are many bands playing thrash metal, crossover, and old school death metal. The band from Bangladesh Morbidity plays death metal. I have read somewhere that their style is called the old school death metal. I will not argue with this statement, but I'll just say about what I heard myself.

I must say that it is not possible to get bored with these guys. The main part of the album "Revealed From Ashes" is made up of high-speed thrash death metal. I listened with pleasure to a lot of guitar moves in the spirit of bands such as Slayer or Sepultura, as well as possibly Death.

I do not know how the majority of fans of brutal death, slamming brutal etc. would reacte to this album. I love these styles too, but this album of Morbidity pleased me. I do not know whether to call the music as "thought out." This term suggests itself because all the guitar turns are successful and fit well on the ear.

The album starts with a quite pleasant intro, then a pair of high-speed songs come. There is a feeling that transparent 'Decaying Souls' finally woke up from a long oblivion. They happily rush "off to the winds", causing "chaos" and destruction. Who knows how really should happen 'Incarnation Of Death'?

From the middle of the album in compositions appear musical inserts, some meditation in slowing down. Apparently, it is time to stop and think - about the Morbidity, for example. Or maybe the musicians wander in search of answers to the questions on the bottom of "Pits Of Eternal Torment"?

However, it is all the lyrics. The main thing is that the record is at the height, the musicians are "technical". Good guitar solos pleased as well. In my opinion, the whole disk is listened easy: there is no "water" - a lot of excess you will not find here.

  1. Decaying Souls
  2. Incarnation Of Death
  3. Let There Be Chaos
  4. Morbidity
  5. Pits Of Eternal Torment
  6. Skullcrusher
  7. Unholy Resurrection
  8. Revealed From Ashes