Mordax - Violence Fraud Treachery

When your debut album is produced by none other but Dan Swano himself (in case you don't know who the guy is then you surely are on the wrong site) then you really must be something special. The Danish band Mordax gives to the metal world its first CD entitled "Violence Fraud Treachery" and for a debut album this is a damn fine CD.

After the acoustic intro, the start is given by "Trademark Strangulation" which is a blistering mix of aggressive thrash riffing and melodic death metal passages. The two axemen Lord Insane and Mads Bertram know very well how to use their instruments and are capable of creating splendid melodies combined with fierce shredding. Good words should go to the man behind the mike - Ashbjorn Steffensen whose barking voice fits perfectly with Mordax's style of playing. In "Monarch Of All" he is making a vocal duel with the deep grunts of Dan Swano and the final result is one impressive thrash/death metal track. One of the highlights in "Violence, Fraud, Treachery" is the melodic emotional instrumental "Contrapasso" which fully reveals the impressive  skills of the two guitarists. All other tracks are solid as a concrete block - a mix of thrash and death metal that is played by five really good musicians. Add to that the great production work of Dan Swano and the final result is one very good debut album. Mordax deserves the attention of everyone who is into aggressive but at the same time melodic metal. If the guys continue with the good work their future will be bright for sure!

1. Intro
2. Trademark Strangulation
3. Devoured By Life
4. Acts of Aggression
5. Monarch Of All
6. Silhouette Of God
7. Necrotic Hordes
8. Contrapasso
9. No Redeemer
10. Walk The Earth
11. Treachery