Morfin - Inoculation

The year is 1991 and coming out of Florida’s death metal hot bed you have killer albums like Cannibal Corpse’s "Butchered At Birth", Morbid Angel’s "Blessed Are The Sick" and Death’s "Human", and just the year before you had the impressive albums like Obituary’s "Cause Of Death", Deicide’s "Deicide", Death’s "Spiritual Healing" and Cannibal Corpse’s "Eaten Back to Life". It truly is a great time to be alive and into underground metal. One underground gem that doesn’t get the attention like the rest is Morfin’s "Inoculation". Wait? What? It’s actually the year 2014, Morfin is from California and this album just came out this year? What? No way.

They certainly had me fooled and feeling young again. Everything about this album just screams the golden age of death metal and Morrisound studios, from the artwork, the riffs, the drums, the vocals, the bass to the production, everything. Yet, it is actually true, Inoculation has in fact been released this year from a band in Morfin that only formed four short years ago. Hell, these gentlemen were just being born or conceived around the time in question, so unless they were spit out of the womb playing death metal then "Inoculation" must be a modern product.

Still, it is hard not to get all nostalgic and feel young again while listening to this album. For it is not just some group of youngins jumping on the retro death bandwagon, no, Morfin are just a pure Floridian by the way of California death metal band. Playing pure death in a way that their idols did, yet, they inject their own style and personality into each and every inch of this monstrous release. Making it sound more like it is from the early nineties instead of modern times where technicality, brutality and or copying others that came before has become the name of the game.

The year may not be 1991 and all those classic albums listed at the beginning of this review have already been major inspirations for bands for years and years now but none of them, modern or not, have sounded as pure and real as Morfin’s "Inoculation".

1. The Evil Within
2. Dark Creators
3. Lethal Progeny
4. Identity Killer
5. Cryostasis
6. Primordial (bass solo)
7. Inoculation
8. Brain Control
9. Viral Mutation
10. Leprosy (cover Death)