Morgart - Die Schlacht (In Acht Sinfonien)

This album of the Swiss black metal band Morgart was released in 2005 by Fabian and Max. Morgart is taken from a Swiss location called Morgarten where a battle took place somewhere around 1315. The story of this battle is split up into 8 chapters called Sinfonien. Their black metal style is sounding bombastic, symphonic and medieval with big emphasis on the keyboards. Maybe too much because listening to the songs it seem that the rest of the instruments is built around the keys. And because of this dominance it loses it power which it should express when dealing with a bloody battle. Also the use of the drummachine is doing no good so in the end I have heard an album that is not convincing at all.

1. Sinfonie 1 (Einleitung)
2. Sinfonie 2
3. Sinfonie 3
4. Sinfonie 4 (Die Schlacht)
5. Sinfonie 5 (In A-Dur)
6. Sinfonie 6
7. Sinfonie 7
8 .Sinfonie 8 (Finale)

Black Tower Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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