Morgue Supplier - Constant Negative

Whenever I got sent this little jem to review, what sprang to mind was the first "Return Of The Living Dead" film with the 2 guys working in the warehouse that supplied everything you need for your morgue.

Morgue Supplier serve up some seriously brutal death grind via Chicago, Illinois(e) and I gotta say it's technical without actually rippin' the piss and taking away from the heaviness. It's fast, heavy and intense, all that you want from your death grind. It doesn't let up for one minute! And if you don't pay attention, it will have passed you by for this CD is rather on the short side but don't let that put you off for this CD is jammed packed with breakneck blastbeats and just ample amount of discordancy to make you think "what the fuck!?" Then it's full steam ahead!!! And there's even a Metallica cover! Yep thats right, a Metallica cover. "Fight Fire With Fire" to beprecise. And as you could expect it has been all grindcored up! I for one have to say i'ts fantastic sounding as you don't hear many bands even attempting this kind of thing barre Exhumed with "Trapped Under Ice" which I gotta say I prefer but this is class!

I really like the production on this CD. It's very raw and the drum kit sounds great!! The productions as a whole is perfect for this type of metal. This CD blurs the line just a little bit more between death metal and grind. It's really that good. It really does just grind your mind this CD!!! This CD is a must have for all your tech-grind needs. It will rip your head off and shit down your throat! Check the CD out and above all else check the band out at the Michigan Deathfest this coming summer!

1. Constant Negative 
2. Slave
3. Forgive Nothing  
4. Mother of doG
5. Degenerate 
6. Fight Fire with Fire (cover Metallica) 
7. Convulsive Reocurrence (2009 version)  
8. Open Sore Abuse (2009 version)