Morrigan - Celts

Third album of this German metal band. Totally dedicated to Celts (hey where did they find the album title?). The intro has some mystic sphere and goes into the next song. That next song is in slow tempo sounding doomy with the cathedral background voices and slicing guitars, long song with a raspy blackened voice. Next song is the opposite from the previous and goes of like a rollacoaster. And this is what the disc is about. Different tempos, raspy vocals, atmospheric backing vocals. Enough variation to survive the cold dark winter nights.

1. Celts
2. Giants of stone
3. Warstained iron
4. Mists of mag oa cheo
5. Reapperance
6. Through the halls of ice
7. Staring in the eyes of chuchullain
8. Era reiks fomore
9. Cursing the beheaded
10. Dance of the leprochaun
11. Bitchcraft
12. Outro

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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