Morrigan - Headcult

This is the 4th release from Morrigan (Germany) with members of old Mayhemic Truth. After an intro of pagan atmospheres their cult is expressed with straightforward dark metal in relaxing lower tempos overall and the occasional up-tempo escapades. Guitars are heavy but hypnotizing with bombastic melody. Drums are easy setting the tempo but with great expression and fills. Vocals are both clean and screaming their way into battle. The epical style of this band is defined in the dragging melodies and vocal chorusses. The power of simplicity with a good eye for details and the necessary variation in the songs creating the overall atmosphere set to hail the crow with pagan hymns.... another great release.

1. Morrigans Flight Over Celtic Lands
2. Crom Cruach
3. Where Rainbows End
4. Bloody, Blue Faces
5. They Can't Tame The Devil
6. Headcult
7. Talisain
8. Beyond The Convent
9. Spell Of The Mountain King

Undercover Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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