Mors Subita - Human Waste Compression

After numerous demos and EPs, Finland's Mors Subita's debut has finally come to fruition. Merging Death with Thrash Metal, basically listeners are getting an excellently produced slab of Groove Metal that makes everything clear to enjoy without any annoying overlap. Just hearing the riffs on "Glance Of Fear" followed by the melodic solo is all that fans will need to get into this band. The mix of Groove Metal snarls and deep growls are balanced well and don't interfere with the guitar melodies, as heard on the track "Burden."  Some might even consider it Melodic Death Metal (without a use of keyboards or clean vocals) that make the music similar to bands like Darkane or Soilwork, which should draw in the fans of more commercialized and populer Metal distributed across the world on big labels like Nuclear Blast. Some tracks also feature no compromise whatsoever and forsake melody for chugging, churning groove like the closing "The Banned Exit." Here, the vocal snarls seem a bit more high pitched, especially when competing with the guitar solos, but the drums and bass have no problem being heard at all. There is even a bit of technicality with the 'stop n' go' interlude that is sharp, precise, and leads right into the solo with no break in the flow.

This is an excellent debut that Mors Subita should be very proud of. It is rare that a band makes this big of an impact with how well they balance melody and sound together so it doesnt feel over (or under) done in any way. The drumming is a lot more varied on a track like "Entrance Of Sickness" that has a lot of varied pace and doesn't just go through like a jackhammer, something like of Death/Thrash bands tend to fall into doing. With strong production and support from their label, 'Human Waste Compression' will soon be considered one of the top efforts of the year without much in the way of flaws to complain about. While the album title and some of the tracks may seem a bit 'Death Metal' cliche, the music will certainly dispell any beliefs of the sort.

  1. The Sermon
  2. One Million Flies
  3. Glance Of Fear
  4. Route Of Final Dusk
  5. Human Waste Compressor
  6. Entrance Of Sickness
  7. S.C.S.
  8. Burden
  9. World Hallucinated
  10. Dead Belief
  11. The Banned Exit

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Dec 29, 2011
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