Morser - 1st Class Suicide

Morser are a long running seven, yes seven, piece from Germany. They seem to have two of a lot of things - singers, even bass players lead and rhythm at one point. They also like to drag a few styles together kicking and screaming and smash them into their own style. Is it any good?

What have we here? It is death metal with a good dose of grindcore ethic along with some groove, it does not slam as such but grooves in parts. The drumming here is pretty relentless and the guitar players peel off death after grind after groove riff, they even go a tad thrash on Solicious Crump. The vocals, however are a tad one dimensional which is a pity considering what can be done with two vocalists.

Overall the record sounds good, production wise it sounds tight and everything is captured in a crystal clear atmosphere, the band have made a conscious effort to keep things interesting with their use of dynamics, constantly shifting tempos.

To conclude this is not reinventing the wheel but it is a solid release.

  1. Small Weak Virus

  2. Burning Sensation

  3. Concrete Head Crush

  4. Synthetics for the Devil

  5. Miserable Failure

  6. Fresh and Powdered

  7. Solicious Crump

  8. NnM

  9. Blind

  10. The Legend of Dunhill

  11. Exist (Acting Brutal)

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Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 17, 2010
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