Morta Skuld – As Humanity Fades

2017 is a great year for Morta Skuld fans both new and long term alike. We have the bands first new album in 20 years about to drop which we talk about soon enough but also we see a series of the bands albums being reissued. This is the first released on Peaceville Records. "As humanity Fades" is the bands second album. It’s nicely presented in a digipak and comes with a bonus track so you get just under an hour of music.

The band’s debut "Dying Remains" is rightfully regarded as an under rated classic to many in death metal circles. It stood up against the Florida scene in its own right. While the first album had a lot of haunted melodies and had a lot of slower paced doomy tracks this album is cleaner sounding and the songs are a bit more refined and more mid paced and have more groove. While "Dying Remains" brought to mind early Obituary "As Humanity Fades" brings to mind "Covenant" era Morbid Angel, thick meaty riffs bit hooks and memorable passages such as found on 'A Century Of Ruins'. There’s a lot going on with this album and it takes a few listens to unpack everything but it’s an album worth spending some time with and the rewards are plenty. The blistering solo on 'Humanity’s Lost' for example and 'Awaken Destiny' is superb again it’s big massive chords backed by dark delicious melodies.

While they weren’t exactly reinventing the wheel the bands execution can’t faulted here. The recipe remains the same throughout the album but it makes it as a hole a solid listen.

2017 looks to be the year Morta Skuld return and get the recognition they deserve. With the old albums being both discovered and revisited alike and with the new material coming along. Now’s the perfect time to invest in this fantastic band.

  1. Unknown Emotions
  2. A Century Of Ruins
  3. Humanity's Lost
  4. Awakening Destiny
  5. Paradise Of The Masses
  6. No World Escapes
  7. Different Breeds
  8. Sanctuary Denied
  9. Relics
  10. The Sorrow Fields
  11. Through Obscurity
  12. In The Shadows
  13. Sacrificial Rite (bonus track)