Morta Skuld – Wounds Deeper Than Time

A big release on the death metal calendar, this is the first full length in 20 years from Wisconsin’s finest Morta Skuld.

The band’s 2014 EP “Serving Two Masters” was a great statement of intent and gave a good insight to where the band are today and this album really expands on that. In all fairness this album really carries on where “For All Eternity” and “Surface” left off. Those albums saw the band a bit more ferocious and brutal. I listened to the whole catalogue leading up to this being released and it all flows brilliantly. “Wounds Deeper Than Time” mixes all the elements of the bands previous output and sees the band at their most refined and balanced. The album is the band darkest and angriest. David Gregor’s vocals are his most venomous yet. It does what all the best death metal albums do where the band let the songs breathe and don’t drown them in over technicality. 'My Weakest' brings to mind the way Immolation or Incantation build up the atmosphere of the track. 'In Judgement' is pummeling and hits you like a hailstorm. The title track halfway through breaks into this awesome mid paced groove which the band are known for. Morta Skuld were never in the race for being the fastest band they always concentrated on feeling, emotion and the what best served the songs and its testament on this release.

Is this their best album yet? It’s early to tell but it’s certainly sits alongside the bands previous albums. It works as a whole. Its 40 minutes of pure, classically executed crushing death metal. It’s thought out, well balanced and perfectly delivered. shredding riffs and crushing grooves and subtle melodies. In short it’s exactly what you want from the band. I’ve said previously with this new release and a string of reissues in the pipeline this is Morta Skuld’s time.

  1. Breathe In The Black
  2. Hating Life
  3. My Weakness
  4. Against The Origin
  5. In Judgment
  6. Wounds Deeper Than Time
  7. Scars Within
  8. Devour The Chaos
  9. Becoming One Flesh