Mortal Decay - Cadaver Art

Mortal Decay's first introduction for me was with the 2002 release Forensick. And n ow in the end of 2005 a new album is spinning my player. Mortal Decay is a synonime for brutal death metal. Nothing more nothing less. Brutal bulging vocals, rapid drumming and frantic riffing. Mortal Decay is not only brute but they manage to implementating chunky melodies with moshable midparts. It is furious, verocious and stunning. Into brutal death metal? Then you are into Mortal Decay!!

1. Crown of Souls
2. Medical Murder
3. Hammer-Forged Blade
4. Forced Attrition
5. This Macabre Fetish
6. The Resurrected
7. Incontestably Evil
8. Crimson Offering
9. Caught Devouring

Unique Leader Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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