Mortal Decay - The Blueprint For Blood Spatter

Mortal Decay’s “The Blueprint For Blood Spatter” is an excellent display of simple brutality with an edge of slight complexity. Sound confusing? Well just put this cd in and you’ll understand what I mean. These guys have been around for a long time and their seniority in the underground is more than evident on these 9 tracks. Mixing traditional death metal elements and delivering them with a slight gore grind edge is nothing that hasn’t been done before, but these guys have found a near perfect balance between the 2. It’s like the fast grinding parts are the attack of the prey and the slower death metal parts are the aftermath and indulgence in the feast of the carnage created.

The traditional parts here are motivated by the likes of bands like Suffocation, Malevolent Creation, Monstrosity, Lividity, and other bands of that nature. The drum work is nice and thick especially in the double bass. It mostly sticks to the traditional death metal feel save for the occasional grind influenced blast beat. The guitars have, again, that traditional vibe to them, but when the solos come in they are crystal clear and done to a perfect precision. Well placed within the song structure. It kind of changes the feel of the song during the duration of the solo. One might think the crystal clear sharpness of the solos might be out of place here considering the tones of the bass and regular riffs, but the way the solos are played on this cd really does fit with the song. It’s an odd twist I think, but that’s what makes this album unique. The grind influence I noticed is around bands like Napalm Death and another band I reviewed, Ferocity. Although the styles are different I noticed some similarities referring back to the drum work. Especially the vibe I got which took me back to the Napalm Death albums “Harmony Corruption” and “Utopia Banished”. It’s like the drummer took this style and delivered it in a traditional death metal way. So everything comes full circle as far as the music goes. The one thing I was really impressed with here was the vocals. Again there is nothing that hasn’t been done before and everything concerning the vocals is status quo. But, I am so extremely thankful that there is a band that plays this genre of music who has a vocalist who actually pronounces the words in the lyrics. Time and time again I listen to cds that have printed lyrics but I can’t follow along because the vocalist is too damn lazy to pronounce the lyrics so we as fans can follow along. I mean seriously. What is the use to print lyrics in a cd booklet if no one can follow along with them? It is a waste of time and money on the bands part and I feel it is a big disrespect to the fans to do this. So, either pronounce the words in an intelligible way or do not print the lyrics on the cd booklet. Simple as that. You can still pronounce everything clearly and still be brutal as hell, the vocalist here is a testament to that.

I was extremely impressed with everything here. Clean, precise, and to the point. A well done effort for these veterans of extreme metal. As well as the bands mentioned above, this cd is recommended for fans of: Bound and Gagged, Suture, Devourment, and early Cannibal Corpse. This cd was so good I am already anticipating what their next effort will sound like. One of the top releases for Comatose Records this year.

  1. Anatomy Turned Chaotic Puzzle
  2. Ocular Haze
  3. Blueprint
  4. Mourning Euphoria
  5. Chloroform Induced Trance
  6. Nocuous Compulsions
  7. Deviant
  8. Jugular Gurgle
  9. Altruistic Masochism