Mortal Fungus - Back To The Lombrosary

Mortal Fungus approach death metal with a slightly more creative side than usual. Sadly, they don't show it enough on their debut album, 'Back To The Lombrarosy.' While most of this is brutal death metal, there is a fair amount of death n' roll throughout, especially during the middle of each track. Take "Seasons Of Survival" for example; it rises and falls in tempo and features a bit of thrash influence too as it hammers and pulls with the vocals raging along. The deeper ones are certainly preferred to the higher pitched ones, which sound too raw and at other times annoying. Then there are the more straightforward death metal tracks like "Hemopedophile" which sound like they are just on speed like a Dismember track with that raw guitar sound and ofter overdrive drums that slow down after the beginning. It is a bit generic as it is just the same riff after riff except for a solo in the middle.

The interesting parts are the introduction and last track. The introduction is very short, but also very soft as it features the soft plinking of a banjo or violin, much like one would hear from someone way out in the back woods of nowhere. It's strange to be here in a death metal album, but at the same time a creative touch. Then, on the last track, "Abortive Foetus Disposal," the group features a bit of violin for some haunting sections that increase the depth of the music dramatically. Sadly, if such an instrument was used on any of the other tracks, the aggressive pace of everything else completely overtakes it.

Overall there is a bit of a attraction-aversion pull with this album. The death metal parts are a bit too generic for anyone to really love this album, and the fuzzy production at some points tends to blot out everything when it is in full swing. However, the few creative bits that are present are almost like teasers for the group to lure in fans to their next album, which will also hopefully be longer than this one which clocks less than half an hour. Most death metal fans will appreciate this, though.

  1. Back To The Lombrosary (intro)
  2. Repulsive Retaliation
  3. Homopedophile
  4. Season Of Survival
  5. Seeds Of Impurity
  6. Frightening Countries
  7. Abortive Foetus Disposal

Gentle Exhuming Records
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Dec 17, 2010

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