Mortal Infinity - District Destruction

This is German thrash that sounds a lot like Exodus and Testament, and this is a pretty stellar release if the truth be told. Formed in 2008 in Bavaria, the band do not present themselves as your typical thrash band, that is why I am pleasantly surprised when the opener ‘Thrill to Kill’ kicks off…after the trademark ‘Intro’ that is!

The production is especially beefy, you take a pinch of bay area and a massive sound and you have carnage, or rather a ‘Wake of Devastation’. But ‘Thrill to Kill’ is the awesome number, it does what it says on the tin…kill! Immense power and crushing thrash ridden riffs batter your brain and combines to go hand in hand with a journey to the centre of the mosh pit. Whilst it is certainly not the most original release, it is both competent and redeeming to know that Germany can actually produce killer thrash bands that are not pure obsessed (…’by Cruelty’ [sic]!) with Kreator, Destruction and Sodom.

Jörg Uken (God Dethroned and Suicidal Angels) handled the recording and this I am sure this heavily attributed to the heavy sound that you have consistently on ‘District Destruction’. The fact that there is not much room for innovation doesn’t matter; the songs on offer are a thrashers delight.  I like the strong vocal approach, this is often a weakness in this genre, and the drumming, you get the picture, its damn heavy. Awash with blatant bay area inspiration, Mortal Infinity defy geography and topple some of the big hitters from the throne in terms of heavy thrash metal that is clearly delivered with passion and what sounds like a relative degree of realism that sounds so easy to produce.


  1. Intro
  2. Thrill To Kill
  3. At Dawn of Death
  4. Wake Of Devastation
  5. Retribution
  6. District Destruction
  7. Condemned Rising
  8. Radical Response
  9. Sound Of Brutality