Mortal Sin - An Absence Of Faith

The history of the Australian band goes back to the mid eighties. When some original mEmbers left the band in 1991 the band stopped under the name of Mortal Sin due to legal copyright. But in late 1996 the band reformed with four original members and released the EP "Revolution of the Mind" before putting the band on hold in 1998. In 2004 the news was spreading they picked up the band and in 2007 they released "An Absence Of Faith". On the album you will hear thrash metal from the past but with a present jacket. Some reference to Exodus may be made. Vocals are typical after listening a few songs and fit the sound perfectly. The songs are built around power and melody. Rapid tunes that interact with tempo breaks and try to get hold you attention with melody, sing a long chorusses and guitar leads that are nailed down with great precise. Conclusion for these veterans are that they delivered a nice album with solid nd powerful songs.

1. Out Of The Darkness
2. Deadman Walking
3. Tears Of Redemption
4. Before The Bough Breaks
5. Rise Or Fall
6. My Nightmare
7. Say Your Prayers
8. Lost Within
9. Eye In The Sky
10. Broken Promises

Armageddon Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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