Mortalized - Deathville

The CD Deathville band from the Federation of Russia band Mortalized is damn solid metal. It loves screaming children and women in the background. We have to notice that the name of the CD is Deathville. The vocals are fairly standard low growls that one usually hears in death grind, the drums are nice and clear, and the guitars are straight heavy. But the CD is too long for being so standard. It is not boring, but I was ready for it to end after about 4 tracks. There will be many listeners to this CD internationally I think. But I like something more creative, something that breaks the rules and still hoists the flag of brutality. This CD does not. That being said, I will end this review now.

1. Ripper
2. Formalin Addcition
3. Braindead
4. Homicide Day
5. Mortifer
6. Deathville
7. Unquenchable Bloodlust
8. Spasmodic Necrophilia
9. Putrefaction Mangling
10. Mr Cannibal
11. Thormbophlebitis
12. Dead Cold
13. Lord Of The Gore (cover Mortician)

Soulflesh Collector
Reviewer: Jesse
Feb 26, 2009

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