Mortar - Ground Zero

Today we are pleased to focus on this band from India, formed in 2011, with several lineup changes, currently being consolidated and fixed members: Sam, guitar and vocals, Soham on lead guitar, the bass Soumick and Sayak on drums. They are Mortar, and they are presenting their first EP, titled "Ground Zero".

In my view, it is quite clear that the new wave of thrash metal bands that we are experiencing does nothing but leave us good feelings, some with more quality than others, but for me the important thing is that the genre is alive and in good health with such initiatives, this time from India, we are able to meet Mortar.

Old school where you look, speed, aggression, and well-structured compositions, which captures the attention at first listen, as well as those choruses that we like, as lovers of this style. The vocals have a point of violence that is appropriate to convey their message, and the guitar solos, clearly influenced by all the "Big 4", make this work a very entertaining EP.

The work consists of three songs that are very interesting, 'Napalm Messiah', 'The Human Plague', 'Ground Reality', and as a 'closure' surprise, they leave us a cover of Judas Priest, 'Hell Bent For Leather', that, if it may have favorable and unfavorable opinions among readers,  I think it is, at least curious.

Although some thing should be improved in the future, I think they're in the right way, and the truth is that they have left me wanting to hear more of them!


1. Napalm Messiah
2. The Human Plague
3. Ground Reality
4. Hell Bent For Leather (cover Judas Priest)