Mortificy - Burn And Suffer

This is brutal death metal Brazilian style. Extreme music comes second nature to this continent and after first recording demos way back in 2003, this is a fair few years of smoothing out the edges and gaining a real underground but professional sound and debut album release. Quality is something that is really rare I find in this area, sometimes extremity takes over substance, but in Mortificy’s case, there is a definite balance of both. The production leads me towards comparisons with some of the underground US extreme death metal bands that merge barbarian sounding speed with unholy and ungodly lyric abuse in each and every track.

Every track itself if extreme, furious and precise, the drumming is very much standard but very out there in terms of delivery with its speed and precision, although the sound is not captured comfortably in all quarters of the album, they can be rather raw by nature. ‘Behold the Desecration’ really picks up on the speed aspect, the snares are almost blast beat speed and the vocals are gruff and pleasing in their clarity for once in this field of music. Guitar riffs appear occasionally but each time they do I am thinking plenty of times that this is well placed and actually gain the tracks some atmospherics or rather give the style more depth rather than relying purely on speed and ferocity.

Keeping up with their extreme underground death metal neighbours, Mortificy bring an edge to a track like ‘Burn and Suffer’ and immerse the listener in its murky drudgery through a pleasing aspect of consistency throughout the album. Maybe you want something different, but for a band at this level, the pieces fits and work well as they are but it is a tough marketplace out there, but one that deserves Mortificy’s inclusion to be fair.

  1. Abnegating Legacies Of Supremacy
  2. Behold The Desecration
  3. Infamous Hordes Of Chaos
  4. Desolation Of The Religion
  5. Brutal Instinct Of Retalliation
  6. Burn And Suffer
  7. Slaves Of Faith
  8. Unholy Spirits Of Devastation
  9. The Rotten Flesh Of Bitter Lies