Mortify - Grotesque Buzzsaw Defilement

Japanese grinders Mortify have potentially presented us with the shortest album of the year. "Grotesque Buzzsaw Defilement" may have thirteen tracks, but they only last a complete ten minutes of your time. Which is a great reason to sacrifice ten minutes of your time to this oddly yet brilliant release.

Opener 'Flesh Creep' is a sludgey, battering introduction to the record, fusing the important elements of both grindcore and death metal with pinches of hardcore thrown in. The grindcore genre is prominent throughout the album, but often the vocals dig into hardcore, black metal and even goregrind realms, as said vocals are spat and gurgled constantly yet keep the listening experience refreshing.

Filled with song titles that could of been chosen by a ten-year old, ('Smells Of Barfs', 'Brain Gurgler') Mortify engulfs their listener with an almost-comedic appearance despite more often sounding like Nails' punk cousin with their sound. The crust-filled riffs are as bleak and demented sounding as you could imagine, and the production is no where near perfect. However, this successfully creates a great grind album for the modern times, and one that could be enjoyed over and over again in such a short time that it doesn't ever get boring.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Flesh Creep
2. Musty Trudge
3. Organ Terror
4. Obelisk Of Suffering
5. 100 Rats
6. No Survivors
7. No! (cover Agathocles)
8. Grabby Hands
9. Brain Gurgler
10. Adhesives
11. Mangy Mutts
12. Smells Of Barfs
13. Deviant