Mortiis - Some Kind of Heroin

Mortiis, the former bassist for the famous/infamous Norwegian band Emperor, releases two types of albums it seems, dark-wave-synth-rock (heavy on the synth) and techno records that are more like dark dance tracks. I like both and find a place for both (if there are in fact only two) in my music time. Mortiis has consistently remained a sort of unknown entity in a way because he has adopted this mummy-vampire aesthetic and goes so constantly by the eppelle Mortiis that there is no “official” bio of him or his group mates.

There are pros and cons with the self-absorption of an artist such as this. The pro is that he gets to do and in fact WILL do the kind of work he wants. In this case, Some Kind of heroin is a CD full of remixes of tracks mostly from his previous CD The Grudge. The tracks feature the dark dance style techno with his voice singing on tracks such as “The Grudge (Gothminister Mix)” and “Twist The Knife (The Gibbering Mix By Implant)” that has a sort of Skinny Puppy noise-synth element underneath his yelling. The con with such a project is that often, and this is the case on this CD, the music can become too narrow. I mean Some Kind of Heroin is an album of remixes of tracks from one of his records and only 7 tracks at that. There are 10 tracks on The Grudge. But Mortiis could have reasonably remixed tracks from Crypt of the Wizard which could have really opened up the musical possibilities of that CD. So, Mortiis narrowed the marketing of his own discography by limiting so stringently the remixes here. Also, the dark dance techno style of music is very done. I do not mean that the genre is over, but that hopefully Mortiis would have gone elsewhere with it. He does not here.

1. Underdog [Zombie Girl Remix]
2. The Grudge [Gothminister Mix]
3. Twist The Knife [The Gibbering Mix by Implant]
4. Broken Skin feat. Stephan Groth [Septic Wound Mix by XP8]
5. The Grudge [Mental Siege Mix]
6. Gibber [PIG Remix]
7. Way Too Wicked [Rape, Dope and the American Way Mix by The Kovenant]
8. Gibber [Lysergic Club Mix by Velvet Acid Christ]
9. The Worst In Me [Girls Under Glass Mix]
10. The Grudge [David Wallace Remix]
11. Broken Skin feat. Stephan Groth [Funker Vogt Remix]
12. The Grudge [Emotional Heresy by Kubrick]
13. Decadent & Desperate [Therafuck Remix by Dope Stars]
14. Gibber [Gibbering Idiot]
15. Way Too Wicked [Absinthium Mix]
16. The Worst In Me [Extraction Mix by In The Nursery]

Earache Records
Reviewer: Jesse
Feb 26, 2009

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