Mortishead - Blood Drive

Bristol based bastards Mortishead are redefining heavy groove with a barbaric assault of brutal riffs, teeth-gritting drops, and a guttural dominion that will tear you a new one.

4 minutes 31 seconds and counting every minute where Mortishead are concerned. Bristolians be aware that Mortishead are in your part of the world – you lucky bastards!! The pure agitation and ravaging grooves kick hard on this single as it explodes into a tumultuous affair. The vocals by Luke sounds like he is gargling razor blades!! And the music sounds like it was freshly spewed out of Satan’s basement! I mean that in a positive way as well, as if I need to explain myself!  This track is a ‘heavy as fuck’ composition that is mesmerising and oh so delicious – so savour it or be condemned to hell for all eternity!

The evil emanates from every disgusting pore that the band have created.  This is a ravaging hotbed of coarse tonsil inflicted malignancy that borders on hysteria! Its melodic core is nothing but caustic and highly potent and most definitely addictive in every sense of the word! It must be as I have listened 666 times already! Hmmm that number seems familiar!

Talk about appetite for destruction – the viciousness is unbridled, uncontrolled and undisciplined and is likely to send you berserk and your neighbours too as your fingers reach for the repeat yet again so you can wrap yourself in the violent fracas that invades the aural so explosively! It more than embraces ferocity it lives it in every breath and every rhythm that is forcibly vomited from its rabid belly!

The malignant surge of vile secretions are brutal and equally as savage are the barrage of drums that desperately try to stop the track from facing its own oblivion by keeping it focused. The rousing riffs are seriously compelling and stir up emotions of pure hate and sonic emotions that are passionately embedded within the potent layers of its unique magnitude. Enriched with tenacity and vehement torture this track is perfection personified, permeating sheer madness that is bolstered by dominance! Looking forward to getting my claws into the full-length album for sure – the neighbours are gonna love me!

Fuck it – who cares - Raise hell!!

  1. Blood Drive

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
May 9, 2015

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