Mose Giganticus - Commander!

Formed in 1999, I believe in Pennsylvania in the United States by one Mr Matt Garfield. Apparently this release is a concept involving Nikola Tesla who worked for Thomas Edison. There was a fued between the two as Tesla had developed alternating current technology. This, I have heard I could be wrong but it sets up the music nicely!

In the studio this is all Matt with some help from friends for the guitar parts. I am not going to pretend that I would know what a vocoder was if someone was to slap me over the back of the head with it but it has that Cynic vocal sound - not all the time, it is interspersed here and there to great effect but helps make up a huge part of the sound without being used to death.

So what is the music? I am not one to pigeon hole things but given this is a review we have to try to put a frame of reference into the picture. The beats are killer really kicking solid groove.  Over the top of these beats are layered electronics, the vocoder we mentioned earlier and the guitar riffs. The vocals are angry damnit!! There would be a punkish attitude here not overtly punk.

This band for me are a revelation to be honest, this release came as a surprise to me and if you dig your music, left of centre, interesting and heavy check this out.

  1. Commander!

  2. Legacy

  3. Blood From This Stone

  4. Days Of Yore

  5. My Machine

Slanty Shanty Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 17, 2010

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