Mosfet - Sickness Of Memory

Mosfet from Austria… Ok, I never heard of this band before but I honestly have to say that their style is pretty interesting. These dudes combine Death and Thrash Metal with some thought-out melodic ingredients. Well that´s nothing new or groundbreaking but I like it. It would be wrong to reduce the band to another Gothenburg scene clone act, because the Thrash Metal parts are omnipresent and have a stake in the nice general impression. Some tracks grab your attention right from the start (e.g. the title track, “Bring Me Blood” and “My Hate”) and a full length release with similar stuff would have been a real killer. On the other hand you also get average songs without real recognition value. What a pity, because the band owns enough potential to emerge from the masses of homogenous acts. A bit more target-oriented songwriting would have been preferable. Mosfets vocalist is a huge plus factor. You won´t find wimpy clean vocals on “Sickness Of Memory” - just dark screams. Pretty beneficial for this kind of music. It also makes sure the main focus is on aggression. The production is without any doubt simply awesome. Keep in mind this is the bands debut full length album. Fortunately it´s not overloaded with modern clinical technology. It sounds organic and credible at any time. After all, Mosfet left its business card and I´m curious about their prospective career. If the guys could bundle their strongest moments, the follow-up to “Sickness Of Memory” will be a blast. Check this band out if you like Kreator and older Soilwork stuff.

  1. Sickness Of Memory

  2. Bring Me Blood

  3. Stillbirth

  4. Liberation Of His Madness

  5. Eternal Desecration

  6. Dawn

  7. Aurora

  8. Lawnmower

  9. My Hate

  10. King Of Damnation

Refused Records
Reviewer: Alex
Oct 17, 2010

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