Mother Of Worms - The Dirty Arts

Satan has gone to church today and asked for forgiveness for back in 2007 he has spawned his most blasphemistic creation, so evil that Satan himself cannot stomach it's existence haha.

I am speaking here of none other than Mother Of Worms a band of 3 Satanic worshippers who dwell within the spew of their own drunkenness and debauchery. "The Dirty Arts" is this unholy trinity's debute album and is the portal that opens the world to their hatered and violence. During this albums recording which started back in 2008 Mother Of Worms suffered the loss of one of their apostles due to heart failure on Auguest 18th. Luckly for this album's creation to be complete as few months after the loss of their Satanic partner the band accepted a new member into their coven who was worthy of Satan's honor to be a part of this creation.

Finally come April of 2009 this collection of blackened hyms titled "The Dirty Arts" was complete and ready to be exposed to the world. This album is pervese and darkness filled, very ghoul filled with rotten pleasures. If you like morbid metal that sounds as if it should be in a good B-horror film then you will totally love and appreciate this work. Very moody and chilling atmosphere here, cave like primitive gnarls and grawls on the vocals, very creepy and very haunted throughout. "The Dirty Arts" and even Mother Of Worms as a band have a total cult feel to it and I would love to see this as a whole develope an underground cult following.

Band members in the current line-up are Struggha: rotted sperm drolling & voices from the bleeding cunt, Sekthaarian: choking on dead meat, hawking worms & black soil smacking and Teeraahl: drones from six feet under. Former member but never forgotten: Akkerhond. For the authenticity of cult bands please check this one out, don't worry you will not have to sign a blood pact to do so haha... I totally appreciate what is being done here and hey gotta respect the uncensored version of the album cover of the black n white image of a nude woman shoving a crucifix up her pussy, classic, has been done numerious times but hey it fits. 3/5 for this one and seriously check this out and add them on MySpace.

1. Intro -My Private Hell
2. Ritual
3. Necroscreen Masturbation
4. Deadflesh Romance
5. Of Razors And Rot
6. Mater Vermis
7. Last Bloody Fuck
8. Overdose- A World Without Us

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 24, 2010

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