Moulded Flesh - Use And Abuse

Latest effort from polish Moulded Flesh. After done some other demos and being on various compilations, they now deliver their full length with 9 tracks in almost 20 minutes. The metal of Mulded Flesh is a mixture of thrash and death metal. The songs are short and in fast up tempo. But the songs are a kind of swinging, having a groove. Deep vocals, flashy guitars and the catchy melodie makes a nice album. Moulded Flesh is searching for a label to releases this and in the meantime you can contact them yourselves!

1. The Root of Intolerance
2. Advert Terror
3. Only Death Is Stronger than Fuckin' Hate
4. Lung Exhaust Pipe
5. Hangover Crap
6. Confessional Rip-off
7. Objection
8. Never Safe and Sound
9. Urodziny s Karola (Bonus z textem Dr. Hackenbusha)

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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