Mourning Dawn - Mourning Dawn

Mourning Dawn is black metal with dark doom ambience. Walls of dramatic guitar tremolos accompanied by howls of anguish, morose narrations and monolithic drums that have all the charms of the natural disaster of your choice, very My Dying Bride or perhaps Bethlehem.

This band began as the solo project of Laurent from the band Inborn Suffering who later recruited Inborn Suffering drummer Thom as well as Fabien Longeo from Orgasmic Tears on guitar and Vincent from the band Funerallum on bass.

Mourning Dawn did three demos during the 2002-03 period, including a 4-song demo called "The Freezing Hand of Reason" which was re-released last year on Ostra records.

Some of the songs on "Mourning Dawn" have strange sound clips like for instance the song "Grey Flood" is preceded by nickelodeon style piano which doesn't make a lot of sense to me but I guess it is different. Overall this album is a predictably overcast sky to put on with your grey mood.

1. Intro
2. From The Torrent & The Fountain
3. Grey Flood
4. Interlude
5. When The Sky Seems To Be A Flag
6. Innocence Leaves
7. As The Ocean...
8. Verdun

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Reviewer: mykke
Feb 26, 2009

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