Muhmood & Ego Ex Nihil - Fictive Planets

From Russian doomlabel Solitude Productions this is one of the Art of Silence series. This means this is a strictly limited to 100 copies release on pro CD-R in card board sleeve with professional printing.

This release is actually a collaboration between two experimental music artists. And experimental it is for sure! A mix between long stretched atmospherical ambient parts and progressive instrumental rock/metal parts. The hole atmosphere through this record is quite dark and desolate, so don't let the bright cover art misguide you.

The rocking parts are pretty catchy and repetetive with a doomy touch and kick in with a somewhat industrial drumsound with subtle variations. The production is strong at one moment and then slowly fading into ambient obscurity with eerie synthesizer sounds. All together the atmosphere is melancholic and dark and the compositions are well done despite the contrast in musical styles they use. There is also a very nice dark acoustical guitar track with creepy background sounds for souls who love the beauty of misery and in the last everything is perfectly mixed together in a funeral doom trip straight into hell...

This is a release for people who are into experimental music and don't get bored too quickly by dark ambient because these parts are quite long. But if you ask me, a quality release from these two dark Russians.

1. Lunar Knots
2. Admetos
3. Achromatic
4. Deserted Mass
5. Lilith Amorpho
6. Surya
7. Kronos & Apollo
8. Priapus
9. Hades

Solitude Productions
Reviewer: Nydoom
Aug 24, 2010

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