Muka – Patologija Poniznosti

Croatia’s Muka are a blackened death metal band who evoke images of derelict factories, draped in rust and decay, the mummified remains of a deceased stray cat entombed in an echoing cavern of silt and old cans of lager. At least that’s the image their music piped into my odd little brain, whether this was their intention or not is unclear, but one thing is for sure is that this band is not about puppies and ice cream.

Latest EP “Patologija Poniznosti” (try saying that after a few drinks) is a caustic listen that falls somewhere between Niklas Kvarforth’s Shining and the likes of Arkhon Infaustus or early Belphegor. The production is rough, but very much to its advantage as the scratchiness adds to the overall ambience. The vocals of Ivan Borcic are a particular highlight, anguished and laced with phlegm, belted out over subtle groove riffing. This is twenty five minutes of relatively mid-paced low-fi darkness, but therein lies the only real problem of sorts.

Brevity doesn’t seem to be a strong point for Muka, nearly all of the songs clock in at over five minutes which leads to many of them over staying their welcome a little bit. There isn’t really enough diversity or identifiable repetition to justify the length. There’s also a lack of noticeable conclusion to the songs, frequently they end abruptly, like a car travelling at high speed hitting a lamp post. It’s hard not to feel that the strengths of this obviously talented and passionate band would be easier to discern were they a little more concise with their songs.

This is a good EP from a very solid band. It’s not likely to be a release that many listeners will commit to long term memory, but it certainly does exactly what you expect of it with aplomb. Absolutely a band to keep an eye on in the future.

3 / 5 STARS

Self released
Reviewer: Seth Rafferty

May 28, 2021

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Muka – Patologija Poniznosti

review Muka – Patologija Poniznosti

1. Idolomantis Diabolica
2. Unatoč Svemu
3. Čezneš
4. U Zabludi
5. Ljudi


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