Murder Inc. - Umlčen Navěky

Recently I reviewed another great Czech Republic thrash act called Kaar and I can now add another to that list, also on the same label as this young band give us their debut full length after a couple of EP’s and a split in the last few years. Expecting a rather calm intro for '42-06-10', due to its duration instead I got a roar and savage piece of music that serves to introduce this excellent thrash album, whose title translates as "Silence Forever" if Google translate is doing its job correctly). 'Rozsudek Padl' follows and the moment it starts you can feel the energy the band has imbibed into the songs and the sound which I personally love about this release. It has crispness that isn’t too sterile but the guitar sound is especially nasty being finely sharpened in this mix to enable every riff to feel like you’re being knifed with every riff and lead break.

'Na Kusy Roztrhán' has a brilliant riff, slightly on the black thrash side of the genre it is unleashes a potent stabbing cymbal smash as the speed is increased before reining it in for the vocal section. Riffs fly in from everywhere like throwing stars and whilst I would prefer a cleaner vocal style they do suit the violent style of music and when I say this is a violent album it is really is, a ferocious frenzied rabid beast. Starting far slower is 'Život Jde Dál' with its punchy riff and driving bass hook as a deeper vocal line is integrated into the mix with the harsh style. The nicely morphed riff is excellent and extremely catchy as this song massively contrasts with 'Arcifuck' which has a short sample to begin with. The song seems to go nowhere until the riff break which has a slight crossover touch as the pace is stepped on. As the track progresses that crossover gradually transforms to something more akin to hardcore on the riff making the song stand out for me right before it abruptly changes speed for the lead break.

Vicious and fiery 'Podříznout A Zakopat' is a short violent track rammed with riffs again possessing a slight hardcore aura as the track veers maniacally towards a chaotic abyss before pulling back for a scorching lead solo. 'Smrtihlav' is the song that will catch people the most because it has the trademark semi acoustic start that thrash albums had back in 80s. It has a dramatic flair, with an exquisite melody that unfurls layers of intensity that belies the bands young years. As the song momentarily pauses with feedback you hold your breath ready for the next section which of course signals the riff and increase in speed. The dynamics are excellent as the track has that old school appeal pushing the song forward and it is here I think the band could change the vocals slightly but it is a minor point as the album ends with the ruthless title track and reminds you of what this Czech Republic band is about, voracious, merciless thrash metal.

  1. 42-06-10
  2. Rozsudek Padl
  3. Na Kusy Roztrhán
  4. IV. Druh
  5. Život Jde Dál
  6. Arcifuck
  7. P.P.S.
  8. Podříznout A Zakopat
  9. Smrtihlav
  10. Umlčen Navěky

Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 20, 2018

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