Must Missa - Martyr Of Wrath

Horns Up, Boots Laced, and Ready To Fucking Destroy Everything In Site!! "Martyr Of Wrath" beats the shit out of all the pussy music in your collection that you elect to call BRUTAL! Antagonistic, Blazing, and boiling over with testosterone! Must Missa have created the ultimate sound track for real metal fans who walk down the street and beat the living fucking out of the posers wearing gay metal bands shirts, slit the throats of sell outs, force there blood down the throats of the judgemental cunts who attempt to domesticate you and tell you 'You live in Sin!' Well Must Missa proudly pronounces 'YES WE DO AND FUCK YOU!' Angry and Agressive Thrash Metal, played the old school way, the right way, organic as hell, dirty as fuck! Throughout these 8 infernal tracks you can hear all the great influences of the originators, Kreator, Destruction, Possesed, Venom and so on. But you can also hear a hint of Hardcore breakdown. Thrash metal played at neck break speed, spewing forth hate and anger-and forces you to stalk your neighborhood look people square in the eye as you recite every anthem of hate and angst. Transforming yourself in to this Martyt Of Wrath! Own this if you are a metal fan! Im talking old school, original thrash-speed metal-Exodus 'Toxic Waltz' kinda slamming, metal, mean as fuck, pit demolishing Metal Fan! If you do not fall into this catagory-this record is probably too much for you! If this is you-then join the ranks of the Blackened Thrasher Hordes! BRUTAL-the only way to describe this record.

1. Devil’s Reject
2. Here to Destroy
3. Regret or Deny
4. Martyr of Wrath
5. Blackened Thrasher Hordes
6. Fanatic Possession
7. Thirsty and Mad
8. Hallowed Be Thy Whip

Nailboard Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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