Mustasch - Latest Version Of The Truth

Sweden whips ass! Common Knowledge right??? Well here comes a welcomed curve ball. Mustasch, who hail from Goteborg, Sweden attack your senses with absolute power and soul!! 11 personally lyric driven songs of beyond phanominal performance. This is not A Typical Swedish Metal for all of us Brutal Maniacs. In other words, its not Entombed, Soilwork, or At The Gates. Despite that fact this is a record that must be heard by one and all. Over powering rock music fusing jazz, blues, and orchestral influences! A must have in your collection! A must have for fans of Queen, Clutch, and The Cult. This is an instant classic, all of us on the U.S. side of the ocean, make sure you pick this up and spread the word. This is a band that deserves to be seen and heard in this country!

1. In The Night
2. Double Nature
3. Falling Down
4. The Heckler
5. I Wanna Be Loved
6. Scyphozoa
7. Spreading The Worst
8. Bring Me Everyone
9. Forever Begins Today
10. I Am Not Aggressive
11. The End

Regain Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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