My Own Children's Drink - Evolutionskot

What the fuck??? That's got to be the worst band name ever? Don't judge a book by its cover and all that. But I was greeted by some fine groovy as fuck death metal which got me going to no end. Think Skinless, Devourment, Vomit Remnants and Dehumanized!!! This music is about as pit ready as it comes and would surely have the pits go crazy!!! I'd love to see these guys at say, NRW Deathfest in Germany (Note, upon further research - these guys are from NRW- it's that obvious!). I'm sure they probably have played it by now but these guys would go down a storm at it! The first proper track, 'Circlepig' is non stop groove and slams all over the place, followed by "34 Tscho" which just puts the accelerator down a lil bit more. 'Eiersalat' just reminds me of Devourment's 'Babykiller' without the gravity blasts. It's crazy!!! There's even pig squeal vocals! I have to say the production is crushing which is led by the drums and the bass which provide a spine for the whole sound which is layered up by some huge sounding guitars. The vocals have a range of deep, deep and deeper, in a variety of tones from regular death metal vocals right the way through to inhuman pig vox. There's a few hardcore breakdown ala djent parts like Meshuggah, syncopated parts but they are a few and far between. The music here is mostly comprised of slam and blast parts which I have to admit I hold in special regard. A favourite track of mine has got to be "Anus Genu(S)", the track is just packed to the gills with breakdowns and grooves, guaranteed to make you go crazy in the pit!

Those seeking more so meaningful in depth death metal may look elsewhere! I also am reminded of the first Happy Face album "Le Tigre", hell even they had a stupid name but that album crushed as does this. It's hard for me to pick out a stand out track as they all, if I'm honest blend into one, but in this instance it's no bad thing because it's just one big suckerpunch of a groove after another. Hahaha except the silly intro to 'Deine Mutter', whats that all about??!?!? I'm assuming these guys sing in German though its hard to tell ha but I love these guys even though their name sucks by fuckin hell. Labels pick these guys up cause they tear it up. Oh and the Dubstep remix was unneeded and uncalled for.


1. Intro
2. Circlepig
3. 34 Tschö
4. Eiersalat
5. Xxl
6. Fleischsalat
7. Anus Genus(S)
8. Deine Mutter
9. Cockpit
10. Mir Tut Der Nrweh
11. Hansel Die Gretel
12. 34 Tschö [Dubstep Remix]
13. Outro

Self released
Reviewer: Connor
May 15, 2013

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