My People's Suicide - 3History Suicide

On this CD there are songs from there first 3 demos and currently they are working on an full length. MPS comes from Italy and plays technical death metal with enough melody and variation in the songstructures. Not stamping continuously but also slow parts and accelerations. Even some atmospheric midparts. Very nice guitarwork in the riffs and leads. Vocals are between aggressive and grunting. The songs are catchy and easy listening. If they continue their line the debut will turn out good.

1. Whirl of magikal flow
2. Eternal fly
3. T.H. Ciber
4. Lethalia
5. Nocturnia
6. Dead Realway
7. You will implore forgivness
8. Slave of a new god
9. Pills of hate

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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