My Plague - Mechanical Infection

Seems that from Colombia only brutal death metal bands are comming. My Plague is one of them, with having the drummer and vocalist of Purulent (RIP after the tragic death of the guitarist) in the ranks. Mega brutal death metal!! Gutteral voices (can you understand the lyrics?), tormenting guitars and bowel breaking drums. Songs are fast and blasting but tempo breaks and melody changes are built in to avoid repeatness.

1. Intro
2. My plague
3. Involution
4. Vulgar assassin with cannibal instinct
5. Iron flesh
6. Adict to tear apart flesh
7. Pulverised
8. Mechanical infection
9. From the anatomical deeps (cover Dead Infection)

Mutilated Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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