My Ruin - Throat Full Of Heart

When this disc arrived here at the office it took my attention as it also features a DVD. But first the music disc with the 10 tracks. It starts slow and then vocalist Tairrie falls in. I have not again women behind a mic but what I hear from her makes me moving around my chair. Man, I mean woman, does she have a shitty voice. She is not grunting or singing but screaming like she is standing on a fish market. Musically the band is somewhere between, hardcore, rock or stoner. But I was glad the ten tracks were over and out.
Then the DVD. The videoclip of "Ready For Blood" and its making of. Also the clip for "Religiosity". The clips are nice visual entertainment although in "Through The Wound" you can pictures of Tairries almost ripped off arm after the car accident. Studio reports and this filmed as a kind of docu soap. This is the best part of the DVD.
Conclusion for me is that My Ruin is not my band and I suggest you go to their site and check the songs/videos yourself to see if you like them.

1. Ready For Blood
2. Memento Mori
3. Skeleton Key
4. Me Without You
5. Religiosity
6. Slide You The Hour
7. Not This Time
8. Dragon Steel
9. Nothing Is Sacred
10. Through The Wound


Cargo Records and Rovena Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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