My Threnody - The Dawn of Understanding

In 1996 after leaving the Brazilian band Silent Cry, the drummer and vocalist Jefferson Break founded Angelical Grief. Four years passed and the name of the project was modified for My Threnody, the reason of the alteration is ignored, but the most important is the musicality demonstrated by Jefferson. The first album An Angel and Eternal The Silence obtained critics of medium load. I weigh and it harmonizes are found in the album. My Threnody is something interesting to hear, very prepared melodies, but seeking for bands of the style many makes the same with a lot of similarities, nevertheless Jeff stays in a good average.

1. Epilogue - Tenebrae
2. Fading Away
3. A Dying Flame
4. Thy Threnody
5. The Orchid
6. Butterfly on a Wheel
7. The Sorrow in Your Eyes
8. Embrace the Pain
9. Finale - The Break of Dawn
10. As the Autumn Comes (Bonus)

Avernus Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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