Myhrding - Myhrding

'Myhrding' is the band's first EP and offers a brief look into their world of black metal. As expected, listeners get to hear dissonant chords amongst snarling vocals and pure evil (but not annoyingly evil), but there is a certain amount of melody and groove to the music, so it feels almost more like viking/ nordic black metal. Tracks like "The Plague" are churning, violent black metal pieces but instead of just focusing on lightning fast tremolo picking, Myhrding go for more cohesive chugs that are much more melodic. "FIght For All Demise" is gritty and trumps along with lots of groove, making it feel like it has a black rock n' roll essence to it much like how Satyricon's later work has been sounding; but much more rawer. "Kampsäng" is almost like a black metal tarven drinking song with how the guitars melodically bleat along, but the vocals kind of ruin the cohesive chorus parts to encourage any singing. Finally there is the Dimmu Borgir cover, which, in Myhrding's favor, sounds just like the original minus the symphonic elements. The vocals somehow are able to get that crackling rasp right and the guitars along with the drums take a stab at the melodic black metal side, which suits them well enough since their viking tinged music from earlier in the EP has plenty of melody of its own. Overall, this is a good beginning, but Myhrding could do a lot more with their music to diversify it, or else they'll just slip into the fade as 'one of those black metal bands.'

  1. Irrblosset Och Älvan
  2. The Plague
  3. Fight For All Demise
  4. Kampsäng
  5. Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen (cover Dimmu Borgir)

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
May 2, 2011
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