Myhrding - The Legacy Of Shadows

Myhrding reigns from Jonkoping, Sweden and this is their first full length release. They started back in 2008 so their a farely new band. The vocalist Jimmie Nhylen is originally from Blodsrit which started back in 1999. So he has a lot of vocalist experience. This factor comes through very strong on the album. Fitting into the folk metal category although, being deep seated into the foundations of metal. No folk instruments and the lead parts aren't campy.

The lead harmonies on this album are hands down the best part of it. There is almost constantly a fresh lead harmony that is not only wonderful to the ears but guides you through the music. The drums and the vocals hold it down throughout the entire record. Its not the most interesting album but for what it is I think its worth checking out. There aren't to many things to highlight besides the lead.

Every single track on this album I would go back and listen to just soley based of the lead guitar work. That being said I'm very excited to hear the next release. Hearing something a bit more intense at times and gritty I think would make them shine more. If your not into folk metal at all this might be the bridge you need.


  1. Intro
  2. Blood Is The Life
  3. Myhrding
  4. Fight For All Demise
  5. Doden
  6. Follow The Light
  7. The Inner Voice
  8. Irrblosset Och Alvan
  9. No Reason To Return
  10. The Plague