Mystic Grave - Doom, Death, Darkness

In the end of 2006 two friends, A.P. Pagan and Ron Tomb were jamming together when they met Gibletface. All three did know eachother through other projects in Raahe (Finland). The three started rehearsing together and writing new songs. When they got five tracks they thought it was time to record them and so they went into the studio.

Late 2007 this demo was released and the style Mystic Grave is playing is described by the band as a combination of old school death metal (Benediction comes to my mind), the depths of doom and the filth of sludge. Wow, I couldn't have done it better myself. The melodies are melancholic and dwelling with a heavy sludgy guitar sound. Tempo is in the mid paced section or up tempo with a groovy drive. The dark lyrics are sung with a raw and growling tone.

Listening to this demo a couple of times makes it better and better. The groovy sound, the heavy guitar shreds and the dwelling melodies make it kinda addictive. So go to their site and listen to the tunes yourself.

1. Hideous Deeds
2. Pus Sucking Leeches
3. Swamp Terror Pt. 1
4. Seven Coffins
5. Demented Killer

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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