Mytile Vey Lorth - Disillusion

Mytile Vey Lorth is a band formed in late 1999 which led to their first self titled EP in 2002. After signed to Prime Cuts Music they record their debut full length and in 2007 it is released. This Australian bands divide their music into two styles and combine them to powerful songs. One side is based in the black metal as you can hear in the melodic guitarriffs and the other side is death metal with the grunts and fast blast drums. The melting pot you hear on "Disillusion" is no disillusion at all althought the repeatness strugglse the whole album. Glad there is a peaceful part in "Mobius War". Don't get me wrong, it is not bad but with only raging aggression you won't get far. What I think is causing this is that there are not really tension peaks in the songs. Ofcourse the riffs are changing regular but where are the leads? And the drums are powerfull but I want to be entertaint and wanna say oh and ah and that is missing for me.

1. Intro/Howling Souls
2. Awaiting The Vortex
3. Caves Of Blood
4. Whispered Curses
5. Mobius War
6. Breathless Winds
7. She Who Destroys The Light

Prime Cuts Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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