Naetu/Dei Tetra - Revelations Of Blasphemy (split)

Black metal group Naetu has decided to release a split album with younger, yet just as ferocious, label mates Dei Terta. Both perform a similar style of harsh, uncompromising black metal in the vein of the early 90s groups like Darkthrone (before the punk influences), Sargeist, and Wintermoon. There are no keyboards, no symphonic elements, just pure, Satanic blackened death metal that sounds as grim as possible. The first five tracks are by Naetu- originally from Australia- and are a mix of personal work, covers, and live tracks. Right from the start one can tell they have the lead presence on the album with their raw power that fortunately isn't ruined by distortion. The throaty black metal on tracks like "May The Black Flame Suffocate The Weak" is reminiscent of Darkthrone's 'Goatlord' album; demo like production but a good mix between heavy and slower paces. The Zyklon B cover is an interesting inclusion as the group only put out one EP before splitting up, so very few people know about them unless those who are into underground black metal. The two live tracks are similar to the studio ones in the sense that they sound a bit more faded and hazy, which attributes to a rougher production but more human feel.

The other tracks are performed by Dei Tetra, from Thailand. Right from the start however listeners can tell these guys are the young pups between the two bands. Barely starting up in 2008, after several demos and one EP, 'Revelations Of Blasphemy' is basically their first big break. They perform a lot more of their own work compared to Naetu with a live track as well, but there is a huge difference in production. Dei Tetra have a much rougher, distorted sound similar to that of earlier Sargeist, and with a higher pitched vocal tone, that can be a bit difficult to enjoy. There is a lot of whitewash noise on tracks like "Devotees To The Flame" so it basically sounds like drone black metal with not too many redeemable features. The same can be said for their live track which sounds like it audio taken from a cell phone video, but at the same time the activity of the crowd really brings out the live atmosphere. At least Dei Tetra get the essence of evil right with "Four Descedants..." which is still thick in distortion but also features a bit of a vocal layering at times which adds a more demonic effect that is always great for black metal bands. Overall, Naetu is the stronger of the two bands, but Dei Tetra don't sell themselves short. This split is certainly worth checking out for those who like grim, primitive black metal that cuts right to the point with no frills.

  1. Hymn To The Conquered
  2. May The Black Flames Suffocate The Weak
  3. Warfare (Zyklon B cover)
  4. The Burning Lands (live 2010)
  5. Blood Fall (live 2010)
  6. Black Moon Rising
  7. Four Descendants Of The Evil One
  8. Adversary Of The Rotten Christ
  9. Devotees To The Flame
  10. The Beheading Cermonial (live 2010)

Baphomet Moon Productions
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Aug 2, 2011

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