Naetu - The Burning Lands

Australia's Naetu brings to us total black metal havoc with "The Burning Lands". This brethern of the infinite black flame will possess you with this demonic creation of sheer blasphemy, "The Burning Lands" will definately burn through your very being.

Come the 4th track "Virgins Blood" I knew that I was hooked. "The Burning Lands" will grab you by the core of your heart and rip you through deep into the firey abyss. This album reaches new depts of uncontroled aggression with it's very Scandinavian influenced sound, full of hate, creating a living nightmare using awesome musicianship that is very tight and an album that is insanely well put together. Very impressive for a debut album and I am really interested to hear what more this band has to offer in the future Black Metal World domination? A well deserving +5/5 making this not an album for the weak.

1. Black Storms

2. The Burning Lands

3. Misanthropic Nightmare

4. Virgin's Blood

5. Annihilator

6. Scathing Black

7. Avenging The Fallen

8. Odes To Suicide

9. Blood Fall
10. Outro
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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