Nahum - And The Chaos Has Begun

These Czechs are new to me, and with this album number two, they are dispatching a level of death metal akin to some of the really big hitters. There are elements of Morbid Angel, a lot of Death on their pre-"Individual…" period and a whole host of references you could name check. The difference is, it’s effortless in all its violent glory augmented by a touch of thrash here and there.

The opener ‘Raging Chaos’ (for which a video exists for the track) thrashes out, and also gets low and dirty and speed is not an issue. Relentless would spring to mind in the delivery when the death metal influence kicks in. ‘The Clash Of The Fury’ is slower, aggressive in vocal terms sometime verging into black thrash arenas, the running guitar riffs do have a touch of the old Florida sound but add a sense of melody every now and again, a great combination. ‘Funeral Of Age’ comes across thrashier in staccato terms, but still engulfs you into the dark world of Nahum. Vocally, another great outing full of guttural aggression.

I love albums like this, there is no pretence, nothing to live up to and when you play it, well it makes you smile (or grimace whatever your disposition to be!) and shows that there is more to the underground scene than a handful of bands stuck in a resurgence movement. This is a top quality release and if you can get a hold of a copy, it’s a winner on quite a few battle fronts.

  1. Raging Chaos 
  2. Vomit The Darkness  
  3. Creator Of Emptiness  
  4. Funeral Of Age  
  5. Damned  
  6. The Clash Of The Fury  
  7. Under Fire  
  8. Rotten Lies  
  9. WWW (World Wide War)

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 29, 2016

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